Al Shorooq Pre-School

East Riffa - Bahrain - Building 1060 Road 1425 Block 914 - Riffa - Bahrain

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Al Shorooq Kids Preschool Bahrain is the idea of a working mom who was looking for the best nurturing environment for her preschooler son. After hard research of the top International Preschool Programs, she has decided that Montessori philosophy is the best, the Montessori approach is based on Dr. Montessori’s scientific observations of young children's behavior. Her first "Children's House" was established in Rome in 1907. She found children learned best in a homelike environment filled with developmentally appropriate materials that provide experiences, which contribute to the growth of self-motivated, independent learners.

Al Shorooq Preschool Kindergarten Bahrain is incorporating the philosophy of the revolutionary early childhood educator Dr. Maria Montessori bilingually, combined with strong instilling of morals, to encourage our children’s natural love of learning; for now and for the future.

Al Shorooq Preschool follows the innovative Montessori approach, which has been proven internationally and now is applied in our preschool in both English and Arabic.

At Al Shorooq Preschool, we always attempt to encourage leadership and originality at this early age because we believe that we are planting the seed that will continue to bloom and bear fruits for years till adulthood, guiding children through project-based hands-on lessons and thus create an independent, confident and self-reliant personalities.

The environment surrounding children in the preschool gives them the freedom to choose their preferred practical activity using tools and materials that are fun and specially designed to develop skills that suit their unique interests and abilities and it's individualized and self-paced without complying with peers which enhances confidence and ignites their curiosity while eliminating pressure or frustration resulted from peer comparison.

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